March 29, 2011

I spoke to you at the rink on our last Monday evening of Puck Confidence. 

...Jonathan enjoyed the program very much.He was met with challenges, and like you said at times was a bit frustrated, but has grown from his experiences. Rewarding to both him and myself. For that I am thankful.

You are a great coach and a wonderful mentor for the children.  Also you are button on..positive reinforcement is the answer.  

I have passed on our positive feed back to a friend... They are also interested in the positive,challenges you offer in your program.  

Thanks again for the great hockey experience.  I look forward to seeing you in November.

E. G.
March 28, 2011

Hi Scott, again we would like to thank you for such a great program.  Sam has learned so much and had lots of fun.  

We would like to get on the list for the fall program, and we would like info on any other programs -- like summer ones.  Please let us know the dates and times of both your summer and fall programs.

thanks so much,
T. F.
March 29, 2011

Good day Scott!

Thanks again for a great session. Adrian loves working with you & your team! We would like to have him do Power Skating and Puck Confidence again in the fall.  Have a great summer & see you at 3-on-3.

J. B.
March 31, 2011

Hello Scott, this is on the behalf of CJ. This little guy has made great strides over the last few months, from not being able to stand on skates at the first practice in October, to scoring his first goal in January and enjoying hockey the game and your program well into March. 

As a parent, you watch from the sidelines, wondering if you’re doing the right thing. Joining your program was very rewarding - watching him grow into decent skater. He has already come to me and asked if he can do your program again.  In talking with coach Ryan, there is a 2 week-8 session all skating program that we are interested in. 

He will be jumping to Atom this year and that has a lot to do with him doing your program that just recently finished this past Monday.

I know your programs fill up fast, so I would like to get him signed up ASAP, to assure that there is a spot for him. Thanks a lot again and if you could send me a quick response on your thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated. Have a great summer!!

C. M. and CJ
March 23, 2011

So, to make a long story short, THANK YOU for believing in our child and all others. If it wasn't for your attitude and that sparkle of light that you lit in his eyes about himself, he would have given up on many things in life. But he remembers that feeling you gave him about himself and I hope, will never forget it.

We will see you for both Power Skating and Puck Confidence next fall. :) 


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July 9, 2012
Hello Scott,

Thank you; This is very valuable feedback.
I will implement a plan to help Jenna (Martin) unleash the Lions!
"Thank you" is certainly not enough for everything you have done along the way.
You have been a very critical part of Jenna's Run to London!
Your out of the box thinking and foresight is incredible. The gift(s) you have given Jenna over the past year are incredible.
The best way to Thank you is for Jenna to perform 
at the highest level ever in London!!!  

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

Charles (Scarrow)

Charles Scarrow & Jenna Martin
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