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• FRASER HOCKEY PERFORMANCE focuses on skill development •

The only constant predictor of a player’s success is his or her mastery of the skills demanded by the game.  

It takes many years of playing and coaching to understand how to deconstruct and reconstruct a skill so you can effectively teach it.

While many coaches are wonderful volunteers, they are challenged when it comes to the skill portion of the sport which is why they resort to “flow drills” rather than “skill drills”.  

Flow drills typically include full ice skating, passing and shots on goaltenders and are not designed to systematically develop specific skills.

Skill Drills deconstruct the skill into a series of elements which are systematically taught to the athlete. Once the athlete can perform the individual elements of the skill, the elements are reconstructed into the mastered skill.  

 FRASER HOCKEY PERFORMANCE understands the value of salience & repetition •

Skills are stored as muscle memory (long term, automatic and involuntary) in Procedural Memory. 

Procedural Memory is a product of Salience x Repetition. The lower the salience of a message the more often it must be repeated to be seared into long term memory. 

Our understanding of salience and repetition is one of the keys to our success. Unlike many coaches we build salience into the skill development drill and repeat the drills until the skill is automatic and involuntary.  

• FRASER HOCKEY PERFORMANCE uses the Inspiration Sandwhich© • 

We've coined “The Inspiration Sandwich©" to describe our teaching style.  Quite simply, we reinforce the positiveassist the student to discover where and how s/he can improve and reinforce the positive again.

And it works